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SimCity Central
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General Information
Founding Founded on May 8, 2002
Webmaster cogo
Administrators cogo
Languages English

SimCity Central (SCC) is one of the oldest SimCity 4 fansites, originally founded on May 8, 2002, several months prior to the release of the game. The site grew rapidly with the release of SimCity 4, and subsequently the later releases of the Lot Editor, Rush Hour Expansion pack, and the Building Architect Tool (BAT). In 2003 it launched its exchange, the SCCEX. Following technical difficulties and a severe site hack, the site went offline on September 9, 2006. The ensuing schism resulted in the founding of Simphoni as host to the original SCC content, and the rebirth of SimCity Central as a new website.

SimCity Central was reborn on November 9, 2006 under the leadership of cogo (aka Martin), and remains active to this day. It features a forum, an exchange and a knowledge base and also frequently shows news related to other city-building games. As of 2016, the site is still operational, but has had no updates since 2013, and the forums have become overrun by spambots.