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The BSC Globe

The BATT Squad Certification, better known as BSC, is a loose affiliation of SimCity 4 Custom Content creators who strive to provide content that is a game asset. It was formed from the BATT Squad team at Simtropolis and many of its members later moved development to SC4 Devotion. It is arguably one of the largest and most prolific content teams in the community.


The BSC is one of the first custom content creation teams for SimCity 4, formed officially around the middle of June 2004 by Colyn and GrampaAl. Other early BSC members include BarbyW, Hogmeister, Cerulean, Rubik3, Caliban, SimGoober, Deadwoods, Geoffhaw and Daeley.

The BSC acquired its own Board at Simtropolis on May 4, 2004, and conducted much of their public work there. Many members moved their development to SimPeg during 2006 and then moved on to SimCity 4 Devotion when it opened at the end of 2006. This has since become the home for most of the active members and much of their work is now uploaded exclusively to the LEX.

Work behind the scenes led to the BSC starting the Texture Index and Prop Family Index which helped manage conflicts between members creating textures and prop families. Without this service the community would see many conflicting plugins.

Major Projects

The BSC members have collaborated on many projects over the years as well as developing individual work. Some of the major works of note are:

  • BSC Farming EP (2004) - A major release of farming content to diversify the rural portion of the game
  • BSC Park series - Originally a series of parks by SimGoober, later revisited by Deadwoods, this set became the basis for hundreds of small linked parks.
  • CAM (Colossus Addon Mod) (2007) - Largely due to work under the hood of the game by RippleJet, this mod unlocks extra stages in the game allowing buildings to be created all the way up to stage 15. This is the biggest single Mod for SC4 since the NAM. The BSC team re-lotted many buildings to provide enough content to allow players to use this at release.
  • Seaport Development Project (2008) - A collection of varied seaport with multiple stages utilising the latest discoveries by RippleJet
  • Petronas Towers - Started in 2004, this project has been ongoing behind the scenes involving a large number of people.
    • kd5rax had the initial vision and made the first models with his first lot being released on the STEX;
    • Rubik3 continued the modelling;
    • Colyn spent over 500 hours and a new computer to render it;
    • geoffhaw made all the custom textures;
    • CJMarshall did the pathing for the network enabling;
    • Grover_G did research and produced the lot design;
    • Colyn made the lot;
    • Daeley did the reward programming.
    • It has been in testing since but due to the large size of the file (20MB) it has not been able to release it to the community until now. BarbyW brought the lot up to date thanks to the X_Tool and Diggis made a new lake. This has been one of the true co-operative projects of the community and BSC is finally proud to present it to you. This has finally been released on the SC4Devotion DVD that is available when a donation of 25€ or more is made.

There are also a number of projects that are not Lot based. These include development of tools and mods. Some of the more notable ones are:

  • BSC Cleanitol - Created by Wouanagaine, this is a program for scanning a user's plugins folder and either removing files or checking for the presence.
  • X-Tool - Created by Wouanagaine. Extensively tested by BSC & NHP members and other members of the community. Formally released as SC4PIM, it is now available on the LEX.
  • MML (Menu Management Lots) - Developed by Daeley and Andreas these small lots would hide a series of lots from your menus until plopped.
  • DAMN - Developed by Daeley, this is a new menu system that makes good use of the advisor windows to display ploppable lots.


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