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Mod - NAM Plugin
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General Information
  • Warrior leads the HSRP
  • MIncroabl was responsible for adding pylons into the monorail network again
  • Smoncrie for fixing the HSR pylons
  • Ebina for going through all the paths and making a LHD version.

Other members of the NAM Team have helped out with the Project as well. Including Andreas who took the development files and made them releasable.

Support For help READ the readme and consult the HSRP Developement Thread at SC4D.

SC4Devotion Development thread

Languages English

The High Speed Rail Project (HSRP) adds two new "model variations" to the network systems. A models variation is a new set of models for a network in this case for monorail. In the early years of SC4, new technology was found by Smoncrie which allowed us to use a single puzzle piece to create a starter for a new set of textures or models for the same network, there are already a few mods that take advantage of this technology, namely draggable GLR, SAM, and RHW. At the moment, there are two new model variations included in this mod, HSR, elevated, and GHSR, a ground version. The original HSRP replaced monorail, at the time this was the best way of implementation, and was created by 3ddz, founded by Murakamon, on the 24th of February 2006, since then there has only been one release, HSRP Beta 1. This mod uses the original models from that release for HSR, and a lowered version for GHSR, no modifications were made to the models.