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Wahrheit (formerly known as Blue Lightning, also known as Vince), is an American transit modder and BATer, who is a member of the NAM Team and the RTMT Team. He is a major developer of the RealHighway Project, contributing RUL code, textures, paths, models, and bugfixes. He also gives technical assistance to other projects.

He was the sole developer of the original version of the FLEXFly system, which uses the helper/anchor point based WAVERide technology. This technology was also used to develop the new FlexSPUI by Tarkus, to be released with RHW v5.0.

His other contributions include modding and pathing the RHW-8C network (formerly RHW-8R), creating draggable diagonal RHW-6C, majority of the basework for ERHW-6C and ERHW-6S, and "rediscovering" how to create animated traffic signals using ATC/AVP methods (recently rendered obsolete by the Tru3D method).

In addition, he is the author of three roadgeek CJ's with a unique style that have been quite successful and have become polished over the years. They are, in chronological order, Destiny (Finished), Devlin (Finished), and Aydina (Ongoing). They can be found on Simtropolis in both Forum and City Journal Section format.