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Ryan B. (also known as ryanb_sc4, formerly burgsabre87) is a longtime American member of the community, who is best known for his traffic signs and involvement with various transit-related projects. He heads up the Department of Transportation for the collaborative Three Rivers Region project, contributing signage. He was also formerly involved in two previous signage-related projects, the Generic Highway Sign Development Project (GHSDP) with artforce1 and Simtropolis Roadgeek Union (STRU) with pilotdaryl. He was also one of the original contributors to the Rural Highway Mod project.

His Two-Way Left Turn Lane (TWLTL) mod, a texture re-skin of the Avenue network (no longer available) was the inspiration for the Turning Lane Avenues (TLAs) slated to be included in the Network Widening Mod, a project to which he has contributed. He also authored an MD, Orleans County.