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FLEX Turn Lanes (FTLs) are a new implementation of turn lane functionality, designed by memo and Tarkus, due to come online in an upcoming NAM release. The FTL system is a draggable/starter piece-based refinement of the earlier Turn Lane Extension Pieces (TuLEPs).

Using FLEX Turn Lanes

FLEX Turn Lane Types and Nomenclature

The nomenclature for FTL types is identical to the later system for TuLEPs, and involves a three-digit number. The first digit is a representation of the number of inner turn lanes (left turn lanes in Right-Hand Traffic, right for Left-Hand Traffic), while the second indicates the number of through lanes on the network, and the third digit indicates the number of outer turn lanes (right turn lanes in Right-Hand Traffic, left for Left-Hand Traffic). For instance, adding a single inner turn lane to a Road would generate a Type 110 setup, as there is one inner turn lane, one through lane, and zero outer turn lanes. Adding an outer turn lane would make it a Type 111 (which is not presently available). Below is a listing of all current types and related networks:

  • Type 110 - Road, TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3
  • Type 120 - Avenue, TLA-5
  • Type 220 - Avenue, TLA-5
  • Type 130 - TLA-7, AVE-6

In addition to these types, as discussed in the usage section, the FTL system also includes single slip lanes.

FLEX Turn Lane Options

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