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The Latin American BAT Team, known as LBT, is a team of mainly bilingual speaking (Spanish and English) people who try to create realistic Latin-American and American custom content. An associate of American Bats by Victor Gonzales.

Team History

LBT started as a big challenge project in November 2006, a project that was initially started by Heblem and Berethor, The project consists of recreating Mexican cities building styles, major landmarks and well know commerces etc, and ending the project by making everything proposed, this project was temporally until we decided to make a team that formerly was know as MBT (Mexican BAT team).

Due the incorporate of American BATS and many other well know members as Victor Gonzales and tcx, in December, 2006 we had to look for a new design and name for the team, thats where in January we asked Jeronij for a new home in SC4Devotion and of course the logo design by callagrafx. But not until March, 2007 when LBT section was created.

A discussion started in some threads at CSC talking about our new home and of course the name, for a moment we were thinking to keep the name of MTB, but later it changed to LBT by a public poll.

The team started developing many BATs such as apartments, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, hotels, homes, well know landmarks and much more, mainly bats from Mexico, Venezuela, United States and Panama.

American BATs

American BATs was created by Victor Gonzales in 2005, this team is an essential key of LBT, under this team we can recreate American and Canadian buildings, principal collaborators are Victor Gonzales and Heblem.

Team goal

Our team goal is to give the best custom content, specially to the people of the Americas.

Expansion Pack Project

The main goal as like LBT was formed in the beginning is to create a replica of the latin american cities, as one of our main goals is to create a FREE download expansion pack, specially designed for build a 100% latin american city. It proposed to be completed until 2010.

LBT Files sites

Mainly the main sites where LBT creations are located is at Simtropolis STEX, CSC Zona de descargas and at BSC LEX. There are some exclusive creations at the mentioned sites, such in CSC many hotels buildings and apartments by Heblem, and at LEX the pyramid pack by Berethor, but the preferred site by the LBT is the STEX due many members personal reasons.

Well known creations

SC4Devotion support

That's where the team home is, usually theres a private forum mainly Spanish speaking, but at our general forums bilingual is used as our main option. At the LBT section there a support area for any troubleshot and help such as the members creations. The LBT section is moderated by debussyman (debussyman) and supported by jeronij and the BSC team.

CSC support

CSC (most known as Capital SimCity) is where the team was initially formed, and we usually get support from many CSC members as like Jsteed, Supercento, and Gonzalo1234 such many other people, currently the team doesn't have a home base there.

ST-STEX support

Simtropolis STEX is our main exchange base, most of LBT creations are located there.

Members History

First team members:

  • Heblem: Founder of the team for a initial project proposal. (formerly know as HabLeUrG)
  • Berethor: Funder of the team, following the proposed project. His last work was in early 2008.
  • tcx: Important collaborator, essential of the team existence.
  • Victor Gonzales: An important collaborator to the team, also works under American BATs
  • Zozo: He worked with the team until 2007 (Inactive)
  • Debussyman: He supports LBT and its a represent BSC member team, essential for the team moderation in SC4Devotion thread and scrutinizing to the LEX.

Members since early 2007:

  • Assesino: He was inactive since he arrived to the team back in early 2007. (Inactive)

Members since early 2008:

  • Pat: Hes a LOT collaborator, mainly works with Heblem at his BATs.

Co-founders for the arrival of LBT at SC4D:


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