High Speed Rail Project

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High Speed Rail Project
Included in the NAM (since 2013)

Download from LEX (PC)

General Information
Credits Warrior
Status Released/No Longer in Development (1.0)
Project Threads SC4Devotion
Language English

For details about the current release see HSRP Plugin

The High Speed Rail Project, or HSRP, is a plugin of the NAM. As the name states, it is designed to emulate real-world high-speed rail networks, such as those seen in Europe, and uses override network technology to extend the Monorail network. Since the switch to the Monolithic NAM paradigm with the release of NAM 31.0 in March 2013, HSRP has been included in the NAM, as an option in the installer. As of 2014, the High Speed Rail Project has been inactive for several years, and there are presently no plans to add further functionality to it.


The High Speed Rail Project was first proposed as an independent project by Murakumon in a thread started on February 24, 2006. The first concept picture entailed an elevated highway with rail textures applied and and catenaries every tile. Shortly thereafter, the idea attracted some attention, including that of the German modder 3ddz, and the decision was made to structure HSRP as a replacement skin for the Monorail network, as it was generally seen as the least popular default network at that point in time. 3ddz designed the new models for HSRP, and released them as their own download on April 24, 2006 for station builders to use. The initial version of the mod itself was released on July 21, [[2006]. This first release of the HSRP was not part of the NAM and Monorail RUL files were included in the release however as nobody else had modified the monorail not many conflicts, if any, arose. It also included the HSRP Transit Hub, a multi-modal station that also allowed connection with Elevated Rail and Bus.

As HSRP's release came in the midst of the so-called "dark ages" of transit modding, between NAM 19 and 20, when many of the NAM Team founders had taken an extended hiatus or retired from modding, as well as Murakumon and 3ddz, the project lay dormant for some time. When Starter Piece technology became viable, following the public release of Draggable Ground Light Rail (GLR) in the NAM Version 21 release of June 2007, there was interest in redesigning HSRP to co-exist with the default Monorail network. warrior began development on this project, and as he became a NAM Team member early in the development process, the new HSRP became a NAM project. The first NAM Team release of the Starter-based HSRP coincided with the release of NAM 23 on April 24, 2008. The HSRP Transit Hub was repackaged and offered as a separate download, as until 2013, NAM Team policy forbade the inclusion of Lot-based items in RUL-bound plugin packages.

When it was discovered that some BATs had ended up with texture Instance IDs (IIDs) that conflicted with the HSR track textures, the mod was updated again in January 2009, shortly after the release of NAM 24. Shortly after, vershner created a revised texture set, which only saw release when HSRP was merged into the NAM itself, as part of the Monolithic NAM initiative that was released with the March 2013 release of NAM Version 31.0. Since the IID fix, HSRP has effectively been a dormant project, with no new functionality added since then. warrior moved onto development on the Railway Addon Mod in 2009, where he served as the lead RUL2 coder.


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