Waste to Energy Plant

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Lot Stats
Lot Size 4x4
Plop Cost §25,000
Monthly Cost §1,000 (§1,250 - §0)
Bulldoze Cost §2,250
Jobs 28 R§
15 R§§
5 R§§§
Fire Stage 5
Flammability 96
Water Consumed 1,000 m3/Month
Power Produced 5,000 MWh/Month
Garbage Consumed 50,000 Tons
Air Pollution 250 over 20 tiles
Water Pollution 200 over 19 tiles
Ploppable Lot
Waste to Energy Plant.png
Download Here
General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Waste To Energy Plant is a utility building that burns Garbage to produce Power for your Sims.

Waste to Energy plants are designed to be connected to zones and buildings with Power Lines, but do not have to be as they provide power to other buildings within a three-tile radius and those buildings may relay that power to other buildings in another three-tile radius and so on.

The Waste to Energy plant is a special Power Plant as it also consumes Garbage. A bug in the game means that the funding for these plants can be lowered to the minimum, meaning that it will produce no power, minimal pollution and cost nothing, but still consume the maximum amount of garbage as if it was fully funded.

It is positioned between the Natural Gas Power Plant and Coal Power Plant in power production and produces the same amount of power as the Solar Power Plant, however it produces much more pollution than all three.