Jonas Sparks

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Jonas Sparks
Jonas Sparks.png
Jonas Sparks (International Version)

Roy Nimura.png
Roy Nimura (Japanese Version)
English Jonas Sparks
Department Utilities
Advice LUA File CA63E2A3 4A5E8EF6 FF4F6B4E
Danish Jonas Dienstman
Dutch Jonas Dienstman
Finnish Tuukka Kipinäinen
French Hervé Taincel
German Jonas Meier
Italian Jonas Sparks
Japanese ロイ 二ムラ
(Roy Nimura)
Polish Plicha Antoni
Portuguese Jonas Pronto
Spanish Jonas Sparks
Swedish Jonas Kraft

Jonas Sparks is the Utilities Advisor in SimCity 4. His role is to advise the player on how to better manage their city's Power, Water and Garbage facilities as well as the practical side of your city's Neighbor Deals.

Jonas makes no attempt to shield his opinions of the other advisors, disliking the 'meddling' Camille Meadows, thinking she needs a 'particularly loud' Water Pump outside her office (However possibly still considering her somewhat of a friend) and regarding Monique Diamond to be a 'Buffoon'.

Jonas also shows a rather permissive view toward wasting taxpayers' money, stating that as long as Utilities are well-funded, he will ignore the Player's frequent golfing trips taken during work hours.


"Thing [sic] big, Mayor, think energy conversion, think that the Finance advisor is a buffoon." - When recommending the construction of a Waste to Energy Plant.

Regional Differences

Korea/Thailand/Taiwan/Hong Kong (SKU 3) and China (SKU 4)

It is understood that the Advisors were changed in these versions, but their names are not known and the only evidence is blurry screenshots.

Japan (SKU 5)

Roy Nimura (ロイ 二ムラ) replaces Jonas Sparks as the Utilities Advisor in the Japanese version of SimCity 4.