Pedriana Pharmaceuticals

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Lot Stats
General Information
Creator Author: Maxis
Lot Size 4x4
Tileset Chicago
Stage Vanilla:
8 (All)
11 (All)
Wealth Level CO§§
Occupants (§§) 14202
Occupants (§§§) 7103
Bulldoze Cost §2380
Construction 238 days
Flammability 38
Fire Stage 5
Power Cons. 398 MWh
Water Cons. 4261 Gallons
Air Pol. 27 over 6 tiles
Water Pol. 27 over 7 tiles
Garbage Pol. 8 over 0 tiles

Pedriana Pharmaceuticals is a High-Wealth Commercial Offices Building that grows on High-Density Commercial zones[1].

It is designed to compete with Cahalane Communications from the Houston Tileset, Lind Entertainment from the New York Tileset and (Provided Rush Hour is installed) Hutt Enterprise Headquarters from the Euro Tileset.

Colossus Addon Mod

When the Colossus Addon Mod is installed, all default lots are changed to Stage 11. It is otherwise unchanged.

Reference Buildings

Pedriana Pharmaceuticals appears to be based on New York City's Nelson Tower in the Garment District.


Pedriana Pharmaceuticals is tall enough that it suffers from the Large Building Light Source Bug present in the original versions of the BAT, where shadows stop being cast on a building above a certain height.


  1. Exemplar: CO$$$56x56_8ChiOfficeBldg7_04F8