New York Boutiques 2

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Lot Stats
1NewYorkBoutiques2 ChalmersCo.png
General Information
Creator Author: Maxis
Tileset All
Stage 1 (3x3)
2 (2x3, 3x2)
3 (2x2)
Wealth Level CS§§§
Occupants (§) 291 (Dilapidated)
Occupants (§§) 75
Occupants (§§§) 32
Bulldoze Cost §220
Construction 22 days
Flammability 30
Fire Stage 3
Power Cons. 9 MWh
Water Cons. 117 Gallons
Air Pol. 4 over 4 tiles
Water Pol. 2 over 5 tiles
Garbage Pol. 4 over 0 tiles

New York Boutiques 2 (Part of the Boutiques family of Growable buildings) is a High Wealth Commercial Services Building that grows on all densities of Commercial zones.

This building is part of the group of generic High-Wealth stores grouped under the Botiques name.

Chalmers Co. uses the same model sets and can be considered a Commercial Offices variant of this building.

Reference Buildings

This building is likely based on the Main Entrance of the Graybar Building in New York City, New York, with fictional sides and rear.


From this building's Exemplar Name, it can be assumed that this building was originally only meant to grow when the Chicago tileset was active.