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TGI Info
Name RUL Overrides
Format RUL File






See also: RUL_0x10000002

Probably the simplest RUL file in format, but hardest to grasp in practice. This file works by saying that if two textures are aligned next to each other like this (it also works with models):

If Texture1 is next to Texture2 is True,

Then Texture1a replaces Texture1 and Texture2 replaces Texture2a

For example:




These particular rules are very powerful, since one line makes them work in all four cardinal orientations. The left/right perspective is not set in stone to a cardinal direction. Rather, the right side of Tile1 has to border the left side of Tile2.

Having zeros in the ID1a and ID2a spots causes a bad draw (red line). This is to keep things from being constructed which don't look right, but still conform to all the other Rules.


The RuleOverrides RUL is used to fix bugs and replace intersections/junctions and/or set-ups for whatever reason. They are also used to enforce, and/or follow on from, a set of rules from another RUL file (like the IntersectionSolutions RUL) to enhance a junction. One such example of this is the Avenue-to-Highway Transition. Note that the RulOverrides rul can make impossible junctions possible, but doing so may require quite the number of rules.

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