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This file covers items related to the Network INI file and Bridge RUL files. Not all aspects of these files will be covered though.

  • INI Network file – 0x00000000/8A5971C5/8A5993B9
  • Bridge RULs – 0x0A5BCF4B/AA5BCF57/00001000 to 0x0A5BCF4B/AA5BCF57/000010##
  • Note: The game originally only came with five Bridge RUL files. Other Bridge RULs other than the original five have been known to be valid though, hence where there is '##' at the end.




[UK path remapping]
; Format:
; <anything> = <match-id>, <match-mask>, <new-id>, <add-mask>
1 = 0x09201000,0xFFFFF000,0x09209000,0x00000FFF
1 = 0x09209000,0xFFFFF000,0x09201000,0x00000FFF

This section is mostly used in conjunction with the IntersectionOrdering RUL file. Basically, this section is used to replace particular path file or sets of path files at run-time for any given in-game tiles. Each line contains 2 main parts.

1 = 0x09201000,0xFFFFF000,0x09209000,0x00000FFF

This says that any Path files with IDs of 0x09201### be replaced with the Path files that exist in 0x09209###, for UK (or left hand side) driving orientated games. The "F"s denote masking of an ID. These, as too the IIDs, can be changed and/or shifted over, but in practice are not. The following would also be a valid and work (assuming the Path files are in place for these):

1 = 0x09210000,0xFFFF0000,0x0929000,0x0000FFFF

Texture Remapping

This particular section controls the texture remapping of an item when the network is being drawn. Or in other words, the Preview of an ordinary in-game tile of the network before you release the mouse button. This does not cover Bridges and interchange items.


Exemplar Files

Bridges are a little different from other network items in the game. Unlike normal network aspects, Bridges are first called from the network INI file.



1 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000001, level road bridge
2 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000002, raised road bridge
3 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000003, undertruss road bridge
4 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000005, wooden covered road bridge
5 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000006, medium suspension road bridge
6 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000007, stone arch road bridge
7 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000008, small steel arch road bridge
8 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000009, cantilever truss road bridge
9 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x0000000a, overdeck truss road bridge

This section here is the starting point for bridges. Each of the different networks that have bridges contains entries similar to this.



This is the header for this section, and the network names are engine specific.

1 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x00000001, level road bridge
Number = TypeID, GroupID, InstanceID, Name

  • Number – These should be unique, as they can and are used as a point of reference in the Bridge RUL files.
  • Name - insignificant. Name can be anything.
  • Type/Group/Instance IDs - this is an actual Bridge Parent-Exemplar file that this is pointing to. This referenced Bridge Parent-Exemplar file then follows on to reference Child-Exemplar files. These Child-Exemplar files not only fall under the Group ID specific format, but also a specific Instance ID format as well (which is believed to subsequently be controlled by the INI file itself, namely the section under Shadow Remappings).

If you have a look at the Level_Road_Bridge Exemplar file (find the Exemplar file using the above referenced TGI ID, level road bridge), you’ll notice it contains many properties, among them the following properties:

  • 0x482CB443
  • 0x482CB445
  • 0x482CB449

Not all of these three will be in every Bridge Exemplar.

These properties contain the pointers, or InstanceIDs, of the Child-Exemplar files mentioned above. Essentially, the INI Network file and the referenced Bridge Parent-Exemplar file, controls the "ability" to actually build a bridge (Hint: A bridge can be built, carry commuters, & still not be visible. This would indicate a GroupID and/or InstanceID problem with the files involved, and/or possibly a S3D file problem). The Bridge RUL files are only supplementary after this; most of the bridges work this way.

RUL files

Bridge RULs have a format all to themselves, and are very different from all the other RULs. The Bridge RULs have their format within them.

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