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This is a list of all the one-way road specific puzzle pieces. It is transcluded on the puzzle directory page.

  • OneWayRoad ON/OFF Orthogonal/Diagonal
  • OneWayRoad Blank Terrain - Orthogonal/Diagonal
  • OneWayRoad Blank Terrain - Corner
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal OneWayRoad
  • OneWayRoad over Double Diagonal OneWayRoad
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal OneWayRoad
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal Rail
  • OneWayRoad over Double Diagonal Rail
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal Rail
  • OneWayRoad over Street
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal Road
  • OneWayRoad over Double Diagonal Road
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal Road
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal Avenue
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal Avenue
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal GroundHighway
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal GroundHighway
  • OneWayRoad x OneWayRoad/Road + Intersection
  • OneWayRoad x OneWayRoad/Road T Intersection
  • OneWayRoad x Rail + Intersection
  • OneWayRoad over Diagonal Light Rail
  • ‘T’ OneWayRoad OnSlope
  • Straight OneWayRoad OnSlope
  • OneWayRoad over Orthogonal Ground Light Rail

Note: OneWayRoad Puzzle Pieces now contain Directional Arrows (where applicable) & should be placed & linked accordingly in order to work. To view these Directional Arrows after an item has been built, use either query tools &/or the bulldoze tool & hover the tool over applicable OneWayRoad Puzzle Pieces (one tile at a time only). Note that not all OneWayRoad Puzzle Piece items contain these Directional Arrows.

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