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This is a list of all the highway specific puzzle pieces. It is transcluded on the puzzle directory page.

Custom Interchanges

  • Ground Highway Trumpet Interchange
  • Ground Highway Partial Y Interchange
  • Orthogonal Elevated Highway by Diagonal Elevated Highway Interchange
  • Elevated Highway over Ground Highway Stack
  • Elevated Highway - 3 Leaf Clover
  • Elevated Highway - 2 Leaf Clover-Adjacent
  • Elevated Highway - 2 Leaf Clover-Opposite
  • Elevated Highway - 1 Leaf Clover
  • Elevated Highway <~> Ground Highway Extended Transition
  • ‘T’ Highway OnSlope Puzzle Piece Orthogonal/Diagonal
  • Highway OnSlope Puzzle Piece Orthogonal/Diagonal

Single-Sided Perpendicular Ramps

  • Elevated Highway OnRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway OffRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway Straight OnRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway Straight OffRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway Straight OnRamp-OneWayRoad
  • Elevated Highway Straight OffRamp-OneWayRoad
  • Elevated Highway OnRamp-OneWayRoad Forward
  • Elevated Highway OffRamp-OneWayRoad Forward
  • Elevated Highway OnRamp-OneWayRoad Reverse
  • Elevated Highway OffRamp-OneWayRoad Reverse

Single-Sided Parallel Ramps

*All of these particular parallel ramps contain diagonal ramps*

  • Elevated Highway OnRamp-Road
  • Ground Highway OnRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway OffRamp-Road
  • Ground Highway OffRamp-Road
  • Elevated Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Forward 01
  • Elevated Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Reverse 01
  • Elevated Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Forward 02
  • Elevated Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Reverse 02
  • Ground Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Forward 01
  • Ground Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Reverse 01
  • Ground Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Forward 02
  • Ground Highway Ramp-OneWayRoad Reverse 02
  • Highway Entrance/Exit for raised roads
  • Lateral Ground Highway Exit (orthogonal)
  • Lateral Ground Highway Exit (diagonal)
  • Straight Ground Highway Exit (orthogonal)**
  • Straight Ground Highway Exit (diagonal)**

Note: Due to technical issues, these two Highway Exits don't function properly in some cases with the LHD plugin installed. The only way to fix this is to release a separate NAM Controller file with LHD adjustments. The NAM Team will create a separate controller in the future, as it is necessary for upcoming NAM plugins as well.

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