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The template is designed to be used with infoboxes for any kind of plugin except Maxis growables. It is not meant to be referenced from a page directly, instead referenced through another template like Template:Infobox grow.


{{infobox plugin
|type =
|img =
|dl =
|author =
  • type: The type of plugin it is. Will be displayed in the first row of the infobox.
  • img: A relevant image or logo, will be displayed in the second row of the infobox.
  • dl: The {{download}} templates for this plugin.
  • author: The creator of the plugin.
  • credits: As far as I am aware, same as Author. Not required for Maxis lots.
  • support: A link which a viewer may follow to receive support for this particular plugin. If there is no dedicated support thread, link to the development or showcase threads. Not required for Maxis lots.
  • depend: Dependencies for the plugin to work properly. Not required for Maxis lots.
  • useby: Plugins that require this plugin to work.
  • language: The languages the plugin supports (By default, English).
  • tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, tag5: Upto five various content tags.


General Information
Credits {{{credits}}}
Tags This {{{type}}} is not tagged
Languages English
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