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This is a legacy template for all growable lots. It has largely been replaced by the more flexible, expandable and 100% Backwards Compatible Template:Infobox grow2


{{infobox grow
|img =
|dl =
|author =
|size =
|style =
|type =
|stage =
|occupants =
|worth =
|bulldoze-cost =
|construction-time =
|fire =
|power =
|water =
|air-mag =
|air-spr =
|water-mag =
|water-spr =
|garbage-mag =
|garbage-spr =
  • type: The type of plugin it is.
  • img: An image or logo.
  • dl: The {{download}} templates for this plugin.
  • author: The creator of this.
  • type - The type of lot Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural
  • style - The Tileset the lot grows under
  • stage - The Growth Stage of the lot.
  • occupants - The maximum number of Sims that can live/work in the LOT
  • worth -
  • bulldoze-cost - The number of Simoleons (without the § sign as that is already there) the building costs to demolish.
  • construction-time - The time it takes for the lot to be constructed
  • fire - The maximum fire stage, if the lot reaches this stage in a fire it will be destroyed.
  • power - The amount of electrical power consumed by the lot, in MWh/month.
  • water - The amount of water consumed by the lot, in Gallons/month.
  • air-mag - The magnitued of Air Pollution over air-spr tiles.
  • water-mag - The magnitude of Water Pollution over water-spr tiles.
  • garbage-mag - The magnitude of Garbage Pollution over garbage-spr tiles.
  • depend - Any dependencies that are needed for this lot to work.
  • credits
  • support: Where to go if your stuck.
  • depend: These plugins are needed for this to work.
  • useby: Things that this plugin is used by.
  • language: The languages the plugin supports (default english).*size ([a]x[b]) - Lot size a tiles long by b tiles wide.
  • tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4: tags for what this thing is.


Lot Stats
Lot Size {{{size}}}
Tileset {{{style}}}
Building Type {{{type}}}
Stage {{{stage}}}
Occupants {{{occupants}}}
Worth {{{worth}}}
Bulldoze Cost §{{{bulldoze-cost}}}
Construction {{{construction-time}}}
Fire Stage {{{fire}}}
Power Cons. {{{power}}} MWh
Water Cons. {{{water}}} Gallons
Air Pol. {{{air-mag}}} over {{{air-spr}}} tiles
Water Pol. {{{water-mag}}} over {{{water-spr}}} tiles
Garbage Pol. {{{garbage-mag}}} over {{{garbage-spr}}} tiles
Growable Lot
Download Here
General Information
Support {{{support}}}
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