Region of Kaikoura

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Mayor Diary

General Information
Author Simpson
Status Active
Tags Best Sellers · Custom Lotting · Eye Candy
Awards This Mayor Diary has won no awards
Language English

Kaikoura is a Mayor Diary made by Simpson, and can be seen on SC4D. It actually includes two different cities, Camargua and Silverdale, which were previously standalone MDs, as well as previously unseen areas of the Kaikoura region.


The Region of Kaikoura has been started on the 2nd September, 2008. Simpson leaves the update averagely once a week, and doesn't tease much. He's not afraid of experimenting with different city building and architectural styles. Apart from just building the towns, he tries his hand at lotting. Despite his cities looking very beautiful and sometimes even Eye-Candy, Simpson wants his MD to be as live and useful as possible. This great mix of good look and realistic style of building makes this MD one of the most popular city showcases in Best Sellers Category.

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