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Lot Stats
Lot Size 3x2 - 16x8
Tileset Euro
Building Type Residential
Stage 7 - 8
Occupants 469 - 9607 §§
Worth 387 - 2518
Bulldoze Cost §387 - 2518
Construction 80 - 120
Fire Stage 45
Power Cons. 3 - 30 MWh
Water Cons. 5 - 10 Gallons
Air Pol. 2 - 34 over 5 tiles
Water Pol. 1 - 13 over 5 tiles
Garbage Pol. 4 - 20 over 0 tiles
Growable Lot
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General Information

BSC Textures Vol 01
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BSC Props SG Vol 01

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This is a BAT (actually two BATs) of the Hallfield Estate housing project in the City of Westminster, UK. The project was built in two phases- from 1951-1955 and from 1955-1958. Hallfield Estate was initially designed by Berthold Lubetkin of the Tecton architecture practice, and built later by Lasdun and Drake in an area that was then still a suburb of London. The strong Constructivist style of the Estate (reflected particularly in the design of the staggered window facade on the larger blocks) reflects their unique perception of the Modernist architectural movement of that era. The Estate is composed of fifteen housing blocks and still serves its original purpose- providing affordable housing to whoever needs it- quite well. Hallfield Estate was designated a conservation area by the Westminster Council in 1990.

There are four growable residential lots included in this installer. Each lot has a different arrangement of housing blocks. The 3 x 2 lot contains just the small housing block. The 6 x 2 lot contains just the large housing block. The 8 x 8 lot has two small and two large housing blocks arranged in a courtyard layout. The 16 x 8 lot has four small and four large housing blocks arranged in a courtyard layout. To make zones large enough for these lots, hold down the CTRL key when zoning. All four lots will be installed into your plugins folder when you run the installer; simply delete any lots you don't want after running the installer. All the lots are CAMpatible but do not require the CAM to function correctly. The 3 x 2 and 6 x 2 lots will grow on both medium-density and high-density residential zones while the other two lots will only grow on high-density residential zones.

A growable lot is one that "grows" on RCI Zones. Depending on the zone and the type of building, a growable building may require road access, power, water, or other amenities in order to grow.

Unlike a ploppable lot, which requires the mayor to specifically place the lot in the city, a growable will grow on its own when the necessary conditions for its growth are met.