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General Information
Author CraigKingOfIreland
Status Active
Tags Best Sellers · Alternative to History
Awards OSITM
Language English

The Kingdom of Paranor Island is a small country off the west coast of Wales and east coast of Ireland, in the Irish Sea. It was one of the world’s oldest and most powerful monarchies. After nearly a thousand years of being ruled by a king Panor Island fell to the FPP Republican Group. The last king of Paranor Island was His Majesty King Donaill II of the House of Leah. His Majesty was only in power for a short time as the Republican Group implemented a bomb in the Government Buildings near the then King, King Alfred IV. The plot went through and King Alfred was dead 10 minutes later. Paranor’s powerful enjoyed great prosperity through the Colonial Age and the country still has territories in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. During World War II the Kingdom was invaded by the German war machine and suffered extensive damage from Luftwaffe air raids. Because of this there are many more modern buildings in the country’s oldest cities. The capital city of Paranor is Leah, named for the Royal Family. The city lies beneath a dormant, believed extinct volcano called Mt. Argo, which when last erupted two thousand years ago killed six hundred people although a scientist recently discovered it wasn't extinct and infact may soon erupt.

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