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My Sim Mode is one of the three toolbars available in City View in SimCity 4. This toolbar contains tools for interacting with your Sims as well as U-Drive-It activities. My Sim Mode is only available after establishing a city, and only in Rush Hour and the Deluxe Edition. My Sim Mode can also refer to any activities that involve directly interacting with your Sims.

My Sim Mode Toolbar

This toolbar contains the Microphone Tool and the U-Drive-It Menu. The Microphone Tool can be used to ask any Sim how they are doing, and get their opinions about your city. The U-Drive-It Menu contains a list of all vehicles available for U-Drive-It missions and free drives. Greyed out vehicles will tell you what needs to be accomplished to activate that vehicle.

My Sim Mode Panel

With the My Sim Mode Panel, you can place Sims into your city. You can choose between some pre-made characters (for example Bob Newbie) or import some Sims that you created in The Sims. The system allows you to choose the house it lives in, the car it drives, and even the job it has. Moreover, the Sim will also talk to you about the issues it experiences.

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