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General Information
Author CarmineHilton
Status Active
Tags Recently Published · Eye Candy · Alternative to History
Awards OSITM
Language English
With the first settlement founded around the year 200 B.C, this country has a rich past. Several wars and alliances made the country to what it is today, A glorious Monarchy on Atlantica Alba!

Wait a minute? A monarchy called: The Movian Empire, isn't that an error? No it isn't! After the fall of the Great Movian Empire in 1358, the area was claimed and founded as a kingdom under the same name.

This Empire consists out of three different communities: the English, French and Northern community. That last one is located in between Royal Cytheria and Perseus. Formerly the area was much bigger but Perseus claimed most of the land in the Meninslavian War. The other two communities are located on the south-western part of Atlantica Alba and share borders with Calderwood, Demetae and Bernicia.

Currently, this monarchy counts more than 3.000.000 inhabitants and with a GDP $478.32 billion it is a very rich and prestigious nation. It is also a full member state of the SimCity Journal Union!
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