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Mayor Mode is one of the three toolbars available in City View in SimCity 4. This toolbar contains tools for developing your city, as well as diminished versions of some God Mode tools. Mayor Mode also includes the Mayor Mode Panel, which contains tools for observing and collecting data about your city. Mayor Mode is only available after establishing a city. The menus contained in the Mayor Mode toolbar and panel are listed below. Mayor Mode can also refer to any actions that would be performed after establishing a city.

Landscape Tools Menu

This menu contains tools for terraforming your city. They are significantly weaker versions of the God Mode tools contained that toolbar's Terraform Menu, and they generally cost money to use. The plugin God Terraforming in Mayor Mode circumvents this limitation by enabling the full range of God Mode terraforming tools in Mayor Mode, at no cost. This menu also contains tools for planting trees (one at a time), as well as tools for creating and deleting signs and labels.

Zone Tools Menu

This menu contains tools for zoning your city. All three RCI Zones are included.

Transportation Menu

The Transportation Menu contains tools for creating your transportation networks. This includes tools for building roads, highways, railroads, transit networks, stations, airports, and seaports. Custom transportation networks and puzzle pieces also appear in this menu.

Utilities Tools Menu

This menu contains all tools for creating your water, power, and garbage utility systems. The water submenu contains water buildings as well as water pipes. The power submenu contains power plants as well as transmission lines. The garbage menu contains all trash and recycling buildings, as well as the tool to zone for landfills.

Civic Tools Menu

The Civic Tools Menu contains tools for placing all civic buildings in your cities. This includes police stations, fire stations, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, landmarks, rewards, and parks.

Bulldoze Tool

The bulldoze tool gets its own special place on this menu. This tool is used to destroy objects in your cities, at a cost.

Emergency Tools

This menu contains tools for dispatching police and fire response vehicles to disasters. It also features a Go To Disaster tool that focuses the game view on a disaster. If multiple disasters are in progress, this tool will cycle between disasters each time you click it.

Mayor Mode Panel

The Mayor Mode Panel contains several tools that can be used to view data about your city or control overall city growth. These tools include the Building Style Control, City Opinion Polls, Data Views, Advisors, Graphs, and the city Budget. The Mayor Mode Panel also contains several quick information boxes showing available funds, city population, Mayor Rating, RCI Demand Meter. The News Ticker is also part of this panel.