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Mayor Diary

SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author Earth_Quake
Status Inactive
Tags Best Sellers · British · Custom Lotting
Awards This Mayor Diary has won no awards
Language English


Lancaster is an autonomous republic, the capital is Lancaster and the principal cities are Archester, Orington, Highcaster and Davington. This country has 5 states (Archester, Lancaster, New-Hampshire, Dernow and Orthen.)


  • Name: Lancaster,
  • Official Name: Republic of Lancaster,
  • President: Jordan Lancaster (2008-....),
  • 1st Minister: Jhon Offrington (2008-....),
  • Money: Lancasterian pound or livre lancasterois(L£),


Lancaster was started on 7th July 2008 by Earth quake and 15th July in Tout Sim City. It is a British MD.

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