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A few dilapidated houses

Dilapidation is the condition that results on a SC4 lot and the structures on it when some needed thing is not available. It is possible to have multiple causes of dilapidation occurring at the same time. The first indication that there is an issue that will lead to dilapidation is the appearance of a zot, which is a small icon, appearing above the lot.

If the cause goes unaddressed for a few game months, the first stages of dilapidation will appear. These are marked by a lessening of colouration in the lot and its structures, along with other indications of disrepair.

If the cause of the dilapidation is addressed in time, the process will reverse and the lot and building will return to a normal appearance. When a lot and the buildings on it are dilapidated, they have a higher risk of catching fire and the lot generates higher crime in the adjacent area. If the cause is not addressed, dilapidation will grow progressively worse, with the lot ultimately reaching the condition of abandonment, from which no return is possible other than by bulldozing the lot and starting over.