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Patricius Maximus is a Simcity player and fan, as well as a member of the Simcity community. He has authored a total of 4 City Journals, one of which is inactive. His CJ's are detailed below.

He is also a BATer, and makes signs for Franklin County, although none of his signs are public yet. Patricius is a member of the No Name Maps Team, and has made 3 maps as a NNM member. One of his CJ's, Franklin County, is a member of the Alliance of Fuel Developing and Exporting States (AFDES), along with 9 other CJ's.

City Journals

Patricius is a known author of 4 City Journals -- Patrician City (now closed), The Patrician Showcase, Franklin County, and PM's Older Regions.

Patrician City

Main article: Patrician City
A district in Patrician City, showing PM's early work

Patrician City was Patricius Maximus's first attempt at a CJ. It can be divided into three phases; The Original Region, Diversification, and the Storyline phase.

Original Region

In the first few pages of Patrician City, Patricius showed the parent region, Patrician City. As shown at right, the region was one of PM's earliest, and displayed a characteristic newcomer appearance. But, from the outset it showed potential. The region had a population of around 300,000. There were still problems with it, chief among them mild weaving issues, and extensive use of cloverleafs. It did have it's areas of beauty, however, the foremost of them being the Delta Islands suburb district.

After this region was shown and dissected, Patricius moved on to "associate" regions.


File:Patrician City Diversification Phase.jpg
A mesa in Alphopolis, characteristic of the Diversification phase

After the showing of a teaser of a snow-covered region (which Patricius never got around to developing), Patrician City moved on to a city in a volcanic region called Extraea. Extraea, though it had some of the same issues, was a step up from Patrician City. Some at-grade one-way road interchanges could be seen, as well as some farmland. There was labeling in the images, not unlike Nexis of Genesis, and it was Patricius's first use of the Cycledogg Tree Mod.

After the last region of this phase was shown, Patrician City would soon develop a storyline of its own.


File:Patrician Asteroid Impact.jpg
The high point of the Great Cataclysm, the catalyst of the storyline phase

The first act of the storyline phase was the establishment of a colony on another nearby planet to the Patricians, Olympis Patius. It would prove to be a fateful establishment. The Emperor, and 10 other people, were en route to Olympis Patius to join the colony when a swarm of asteroids and meteors came out of space, pummeled the Patrician planet, and reduced it to molten sludge.

The Emperor and the remaining Patricians left Olympis Patius in search of a new habitable planet. They found one by the name of Darida, which was a desert planet. They quickly discovered a sapient species there, the Daridans. Their president, Aurius, displayed a strange curiosity of them, and the two species coexisted for 20 years.

Then, pressured by a stream of immigrants exiting his state for the Patricians, Aurius constructed a huge wall in the desert, and stated that anything crossing it would be shot down. Unfortunatly, a plane crossed the wall without knowledge of the proclamation, and was shot down by a missile.

The Patricians went to war. After a battle near the wall, the Patricians burst through, and went on a 3-day rampage throughout Darida. The Daridans surrendured after Aurius was killed by an aerial bombing.

The Patricians gained control of all of Darida.

Patrician City has been closed since then. Patricius himself has privately expressed desire to revamp and continue the story in the future.

Patrician Showcase

Main article: Patrician Showcase

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Franklin County

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Emperador Hotel, LIH Quarter, Central Franklin

Franklin County was created by Patricius Maximus on 2 June 2008, only 3 days after the Simtropolis Site Hack. It showcases the development of a region called Franklin County from it's creation 4 billion years ago to the present day. There are story arcs within the general plot, which are showcased below. The CJ is in union with 9 others in the Alliance of Fuel Developing and Exporting States.


On an earth-like planet which Patricius will not provide specifics on, a region called Franklin County was the home of two freeways, I-30 and I-85, which intersected via a cloverleaf. The first settlers came to what is now Franklin proper, north of the river, and the region snowballed. A peninsula between the Franklin River and Franklin Creek developed into the downtown of the county. Then came the housing boom.

First Housing Boom

Franklin's economy was getting bullish, and a lot of people wanted to immigrate to Franklin County, but there was not enough houses. So they built some. For months, houses were built and the people came in a seemingly endless cycle. As a result of the boom, River Bend, Hanging Cliff, and North Franklin were incorporated. Also during this time a bunch of loners outside the region established East Valley on a plateau.

Post-Housing Boom
File:Wind Farm in Franklin Plateau.jpg
A Wind Farm in Franklin Plateau

300px The housing boom eventually died down as job positions were filled up. An interesting development during this time was foreign businesses coming into East Valley. The Citizens' Assembly there voted to order the businesses to vacate. They complied with the order; then the buildings were torched. The rubble is still an interesting attraction along SR-285. Also, many infrastructure projects were completed.

Second Housing Boom

The bullish economy wouldn't sleep long, however. A real estate developer came and set up residence in Forest Bluff. He brought a second wave of unprecedented expansion to Franklin County. As a flood of people came in, jobs struggled to keep up. The effects of this second boom is continuing, although it has been sliding for some time.

Metro Area

Franklinites had long recognized that East Valley was different from them; indeed, they did have very different origins. The Franklinites and East Valley citizens voted in favor of two proposals: to seperate East Valley from the other cities, and to untify all the others into a metropolitan area.

As a Metro area, Franklin has prospered. Soon mid-rises appeared in Central Franklin, followed by high-rises. It currently has a population of more than 40,000 people, with more than that in job openings -- conditions ripe for growth.

Story Arcs

Franklin Chronicles

Patricius maintains a newspaper for Franklin, called the Franklin Chronicles, which is updated irregularly. It has covered many story arcs, as well as covering out-of-region events unobtrusively in updates.

Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer arrived in Forest Bluff to develop Franklin for himself. He expanded his own area on Forest Bluff, as well as Hanging Cliff. He even constructed a few houses in River Bend. After making millions, he departed from Franklin Metro, and gave his house to Sedimenjerry for free.


The latest and most significant story arc in Franklin County is the Agonus story. A big meteor landed in East Valley, and a scientific team investigated it. They found an eerie regular glow and an unknown element. When they took it to their lab, it exploded due to spontaneous fusion. Astronomers traced the meteor back to an unknown planet. The planet was named 'Agonus', which is derived from the Latin word for 'combine', a reference to the fusion incident. A space probe was sent to Agonus, and it found a eerie, radioactive, barren world. The probe is still in orbit looking for new discoveries.

PM's Older Regions

Main article: PM's Older Regions

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A Volleyball SPUI, an interchange many said was impossible to create in SC4

Patricius is an accomplished interchange builder and overall transit planner, at the same level as Haljackey and Mightygoose. Patricius is well-known for his aversion and avoidance of weaving on freeways. He has also developed a reputation for hitting congestion before it appears rather than after.

Patricius has built a few interchanges in Simcity that no one had built before. The Volleyball SPUI, shown at right, is one example. He was one of the first members to use Roundabout Interchanges extensively. While classic SPUIs had been built before, SPUIs were first used commonly in Patricius's regions.

He has also recieved inspiration from others. Haljackey, who first displayed an RHW cloverstack, inspired Patricius to create his own. He has since modified the cloverstack concept so it is more compact and useful.


No Name Maps Team

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