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The Standard Cheat codes come shipped with the game. The Extra Cheats are activated by installing the SC4 Extra Cheats.dll. SC4 Cheats are case sensitive. The cheat box can be shown by pressing Ctrl-X.

Standard Cheat Codes

Some cheats in this list require the SC4 Extra Cheats.dll. If you have this dll you can right click the cheat box for a list of cheats, or as usual manually type them in.

Cheat Code Result
Adv Unknown
Barstuck Unknown
BuildingPlop opens window where you can select every building in the game for plopping, nice as plop cheat or for testing BATs
Casper ghosts appear on the cemetery lots
Controllers unknown
CreateException crashes the game immediately (caution!)
DollyLlama changes the faces of the advisors to llamas
DrawPaths shows automata paths on network items, useful for NAM debugging
Effect Unknown
FPS [number] sets the frames per second, the game will get as close to the number as possible
FightThePower the city doesn't need power anymore
off] Hides all the flora in the city
ForceIdle unknown, maybe for letting the game running in idle mode?
GOL game of life, green splotches appear and "dance" in your city (probably a graphics performance test)
GP Unknown
HeapCheck Unknown
HelloMyNameIs "[name]" changes the Mayor's name
HidePaths disable paths that have been activated by "DrawPaths" cheat
HowDryIAm the city doesn't need any water anymore
LotPlop opens window for selecting every lot individually (similar to "BuildingPlop")
Moolah [number] sets the current budget to the value you entered, easier than any other money cheat (going over ~a trillion will cause bankrupcy
NoCSI unknown, apparently crime-related
PlopAllBuildings automatically plops all buildings in your city (caution, very resource intensive!)
PlopAllLots automatically plops all lots in your city (caution, very resource intensive!)
RP Unknown (possibly the same as "RenderProp")
Recorder opens recorder window for capturing an image sequence, you can compile a movie or animation with those screenshots
1] [true|false] Activates/deactivates a prop or changes a property value
RiskyMoney Adds §10000 to the treasury, or a 1 in 8 chance of causing an earthquake
SimDate [value] changes the in-game date to the value you entered, this is useful for testing seasonal props
SizeOf [value] zooms the game to the value you entered, this allows "fractions" of zoom levels which might reveal more details (not limited to 1-5, can go up to 255 however this is pointless as you can only see a couple of pixels)
Snow snow appears on the mountains (like with the Christmas easteregg)
Stopwatch apparently stops the internal clock
TastyZots hides the zots for "no road access", "no water" etc.
TerrainQuery adds coordinate values (X,Y,Z)to the cursor
Tutorial unknown, apparently tutorial-related
WatchMeMove (arguments unknown) allows you to calibrate various things about My Sims (arguments unknown)
WeaknessPays adds §1000 to your city coffers
whattimeizit [number] changes the in-game clock to the value you entered, this is useful for testing timed props
WhereRUFrom changes the name of your city
You don't deserve it unlocks all rewards, use this either as cheat or for testing the visual appearance of reward lots
Zoneria hides undeveloped zones(makes them colourless), this is useful if you have undeveloped zones, but don't want to show them in your major diary
csitrigger unknown, apparently crime-related
toll Lets you plop a square (presumably a toll booth) on to any network, effect of which is unknown
udriveit allows you to click any automata (vehicle) on the screen at the time the cheat is entered andyou can then drive it around tthe city in UDI mode