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The 3RR Exchange (3RREX) is a component of the Three Rivers Region section of the SC4D Pictures and Projects Showcase (link to 3RREX) where the user can download specific content, BATs, LOTs, Ploppables and MODs, that has been created by David (Dedgren) or others involved in 3RR collaboration for use in Three Rivers Region. The downloads are hosted by dedgren and are freely accessible without registration. They tend to come with little documentation or other bells and whistles that more fully developed custom content on exchanges such as the SC4D/BSC LEX or Simtropolis STEX would incorporate. Dedgren encourages those who download custom content from the 3RREX to add their own improvements to it, and fully supports its ultimate upload to the LEX by and under the name of anyone who is willing to take the time to properly prepare and package it for widespread distribution.