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This is my first attempt at writing for the wiki, so here goes...

I'm called Jonathan, 15 years old, live in England, and spend most of my time on my computer(Yep great life I know :) ). I prefer being called Jonathan (or Jon) to Warrior. I'm a member of the NAM Team, and I developed the second version of the HSRP. I've also made a mod that combines God Terraforming into Mayor Mode, and created a few DAMN sets(Daeley's sub-menu mod) that I don't think have seen release.

Username: Jon(@ SC4D (Warrior on this wiki)) Warrior(@ Simtropolis)
Active at: SC4Devotion
Lurks at: Simtropolis
Teams: Image:NAMTeamLabel.jpg Image:RAMTeamLabel.jpg
My Contributions: HSRPRAMGod Terraforming in Mayor Mode
My Uploads STEXSC4D
Location: Milton Keynes England
Contact: SC4D PMST PMmsntalk.gif

See also: People:Warrior
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