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This user is a moderator.
This user assumes good faith.
This user tries to do the good thing.
This user respects copyright, but sometimes it can be a major pain.
This user finds copyright paranoia disruptive.
This user finds edit wars disruptive.
GRAM This user advocates good grammar usage.
BSC This user is a BSC Team member
NAM ASC This user is a NAM associate
LOT This user is a lotter
MOD This user is a modder
DEP This user likes dependencies

This user does not like Brown Boxes.
a²+b²=c² This user understands mathematics.
This user is a native speaker of Dutch.
This user can contribute in a professional level of English.
This user can contribute in an advanced level of French.
This user does not understand Japanese.
Dear SimCity 4 Player, welcome to my userpage. I have been active on the SC4 Encyclopaedia since it started, and I have usually started articles regarding various people; as well as making an article for every active Mayor Diary. I am also known for making a large part of the (sometimes pretty useless, I agree) templates and userboxes availible at this moment.
My username is CasperVg, and this is how I am known around the communities. You can approach me in Dutch, French and English, you will, however, receive an answer in Dutch or English. However, if you would attempt to ask me something in German, Chinese or Spanish, do not except me to reply in a valuable way. I try to be a good student at school, and I am average at maths. I am an editor at the SC4 Encyclopaedia, and you will always (well, usually) find me trying to do the good thing. I assume good faith and find edit wars to be highly disruptive. When possible, I respect the copyright, but it can be a major pain once in a while.
Known for...
I am somewhat known for my lotting works, and I also keep open a Mayor Diary, Casper's Portfolio. At the moment, I have released two lots, the Feyenoord Stadium Revisited and the Canobie Memorial Park to the BSC Lot Exchange. I am an ITC member, and also a NAM Associate.
About me...
I am born in Belgium as Casper. I like spending the whole day behind the computer a lot, and thus it's possibly all I do during the weekends. I prefer using shareware over open sourced, just because it all feels just that little more convenient.
Contact me
To contact me, you can either PM me at one of the Communities, or send me an e-mail at You can also add me to an IM Platform, for example MSN. I also visit the SC4E IRC Channel once in a while.

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