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The Many Nations of SC4Devotion / Place Yourself in the World is an ongoing project designed to document the home country and first-level administrative subdivision of each SC4Devotion member.

Begun on February 14, 2007, by thundercrack83 as The Many Nations of SC4 Devotion, the project was originally a simple thread where SC4D members posted their home country, with a comprehensive list posted at regular intervals. As the lists progressed and more members began participating, first-level subdivisions--states, provinces, regions, etc.--were added to lists in an attempt to more accurately examine the geographic landscape of the community.

In August 2007, the Place Yourself in the World feature was added, a set of interactive maps that allowed each member of the community to put a pin on the map to signify their home. Place Yourself in the World also tabulated the amount of members from each nations, as well as which members had posted. This feature was removed from the forums, however, when a conflict arose after an SC4D forums upgrade.

Currently, the lists have evolved from its original, more simple structure to a more complex format that lists not only the nation and subdivisions, but also showcases the country's flag, the name of the country in its native language or languages, a list of unaccounted for subdivisions, as well as the total number of members who have posted and its corresponding percentage of the entire SC4D Community.

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