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Lot Stats
Lot Size {{{size}}}
Tileset {{{style}}}
Building Type {{{type}}}
Stage {{{stage}}}
Occupants {{{occupants}}}
Worth {{{worth}}}
Bulldoze Cost §{{{bulldoze-cost}}}
Construction {{{construction-time}}}
Fire Stage {{{fire}}}
Power Cons. {{{power}}} MWh
Water Cons. {{{water}}} Gallons
Air Pol. {{{air-mag}}} over {{{air-spr}}} tiles
Water Pol. {{{water-mag}}} over {{{water-spr}}} tiles
Garbage Pol. {{{garbage-mag}}} over {{{garbage-spr}}} tiles
Growable Lot
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Download Here
General Information
Support {{{support}}}