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SC4 Picture Competition by Masochist

The SC4 Picture Competition is a contest originally started by Masochist at SC4 Devotion as a way to showcase the best pictures of SimCity 4. Players enter pictures into the contest to be voted upon by the general user population, with the hope that their photo will eventually make its way into the SC4 Picture Hall of Fame. The game is noted for maintaining a fun environment while simultaneously being a place where only the highest quality works will flourish.

Outside of SC4D, the picture contest has been replicated multiple times with varying levels of success. To date, a picture competition similar to the one on SC4D has been attempted on six other sites. Perhaps the most successful of these is located on SimForum. The rules of this contest are generally the same, except that a picture must win five straight round to enter the Hall of Fame as opposed to three. It was started in January of '08, and has since kept up activity comparable to the original contest. A fairly active contest has also been set up on The Planning Pages, where Masochist is an admin and moderates the game. The rules on TPP are slightly different; for example, it only takes 7 votes to win a round. There has also been a Grand Tournament set-up on the site (headed by Travis). This contest, however, has yet to see the fervor to match the original. On Simtropolis, the idea was pitched to general enthusiasm, but it has yet to find root. SimCity Mild Enthusiasm and SimCity Place also both have competitions on their sites, though they see less activity than that of SC4D.

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