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Watersford by Diggis

Watersford is a mildly amusing Mayor Diary by Diggis who created an entire religion based around himself. Originally published at SimPeg it was transfered over to SC4 Devotion in April 2008. initially Diggis updated both sites but entries at SimPeg were ceased upon his banning.
Watersford consistes of 16 large city tiles of which the following 7 are currently in Mayor Mode (in order of appearance): Watersford Forks, South Lester, Port Terrington, Avalon, Camden, Kerrysville and Notvorigud.
A couple of things of note about Watersford is Diggis’ use of community members in his stories and his flash animations. There is usually a tie in to a community event or members foibles when they appear. The references are not always obvious and a clever mix of real names and community names creates a fun feel of inside jokes to those in the know. Some members who crop up multiple times are the 2 vickies, Matt B who is a mayor, and Barby (BarbyW) who rules Camden with an iron fist. The animations give a little bit of life to otherwise static images and seeing the first high rise in Watersford Forks grow, or farm land converting into residential in front of your eyes is enjoyable. Diggis has promised to prepare a tutorial on this, but so far has failed to do so.
Watersford was awarded OSITM in June 2008, which saw an increase in updates for the month. This also put it over the 100 post limit which saw it moved to Best Sellers at the end of the month. The 100th post was captured by BarbyW, who was also the first poster in Watersford at SC4Devotion. This saw the Barbypedia page posted as her 100 club tribute. The 200th post recently reached was posted by Diggis himself. He has yet to post a tribute to himself. Watersford can be found here

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