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Single Track Rail by NAM Team

Single Track Rail, or as it is usually called STR, is a SimCity 4 project, like the Rural Highways (RHW), that represents completely new transit network content added to the game. The Maxis Railways are double tracked, one-way in each direction, that occupy when oriented orthogonally most of a whole grid square from side to side. STR reduces this to a single bi-directional track centered in the grid square.

While "eye candy" (in other words, non-functional) STR had been around for several years, mostly produced by Japanese custom content makers and a Simtropolis member Dirk (North Country Dude), it wasn't until 2008 that SimCity 4 Devotion member David (dedgren) proposed, in connection with a set of wide radius game rail curves he was developing at the time, a switch leading off onto a functional single track.

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