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The Simtropolis Site Hack of 2008 was an event on May 23 to 25, 2008, in which Simtropolis experienced the server equivalent of a break-in in their database. Malicious code was injected into the database through a loophole in the forum software. The code was linked back to a Chinese group attacking major websites. Simtropolis was not directly attacked, but was "in the way".

Simtropolis experienced periodic outages over the next 3 days, until only the forums were back online. A week later, the STEX came back online as well.

The event resulted in a wide-spread truncation of many longer posts on the forums, resulting in major damage to numerous long-running City Journals, as well as numerous tutorials. Many CJ authors searched Google Caches to retreive lost data.

Effects on SC4D

In the days of the outage, ST users decided to go to Simcity 4 Devotion while Simtropolis was down. The users' experience there helped soothe relations between the two communities, and helped SC4D attain a perception as an equal to Simtropolis. SC4D also served as a platform for ST staff to report the status of the site. Even months after the outage, many users still visit both sites frequently.

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