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General Information
Version Number 4.0
Webmaster Dirk
Administrators None
Languages English

Simtropolis (ST) is possibly the largest and most developed site in the whole community, and is based in Ontario, Canada. It was started by dirk on January 11, 2003, shortly before the release of SimCity 4. It is home to the Simtropolis Exchange (STEX), an open file exchange.

Site Sections

The site is technically divided into four major sections: the Forums, the STEX, the Modds & Downloads section, and ST Chat.


Like many fansites, the Forums are the heart-and-soul of Simtropolis. Most of the boards are related to SimCity 4, though the number of boards has been decreasing as of late, as several of them were merged in September 2008. There is also a single forum for SimCity Societies, one for Cities XL, three subforums for The Sims 2, and an active Off-Topic area.


The Simtropolis Exchange, or STEX, is an open exchange to which anyone can upload, the only such exchange apart from the main EA Simcity 4 Exchange. This open arrangement has both benefits and drawbacks. The file size limit for the STEX is 10MB, and anything larger must go in the Modds & Downloads section.

Modds & Downloads

The Modds & Downloads (M&D) section is a section of Simtropolis that contains a few larger modifications (over 10MB), as well as a number of modding and content creation tools can be found. This includes the SimMars mod, the Network Addon Mod, iLive's Reader, and numerous others. The M&D page is a static HTML page, and thus, the only member who can actually upload anything there is the webmaster, Dirk.


The ST Chat is a chat room hosted on-site, which is known for its particularly colorful discussions.

Special Events

Every year, Simtropolis hosts the Golden Llama Awards, better known as the Trixies. Any member registered at Simtropolis is eligible for a Trixie.

Staff List

This list is compiled of members who have a page on this wiki and thus may be outdated. The full official staff list can be found here.




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