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This page aims to collect all the file formats used by SimCity (2013). Template:Navbox/SimCityFORMAT will always be a more reliable and up to date source.

Type ID Abbr File type Comments Found in (for example) Decoded
N/A DBPF DBPF Version 3.0 Partially
00B1B104 PROP PROP file Based on information from Spore, which also used this Type ID SimCIty_graphics.package No
02393756 UNK Unknown Unknown No
02FAC0B6 UNK Unknown Unknown No
03E421EC UNK Unknown Unknown No
03E421ED UNK Unknown Unknown No
03E421F0 UNK Unknown Unknown No
0469A3F7 CPP C-Syntax program code Actual language is unknown Partially
0A98EAF0 UNK Unknown Unknown No
0D9E5710 WAV Waveform Audio File Format Encoded with a custom encoder No
276CA4B9 TTF TrueType Font Yes
2C978DB6 CSS Cascading Style Sheet Yes
2F4E681B RW4 RenderWare 4 Model SimCity_graphics.package Yes
2F4E681C RASTER RASTER Texture File Based on information from Spore, which also used this Type ID SimCity_graphics.package No
2F7D0004 PNG Portable Network Graphics Used for User Interface elements Yes
2F7D0006 TGA Truevision TGA Used for Cursors Yes
2F7D0007 GIF Graphics Interchange Format Yes
376840D7 VP6 EA VP60 Video File Yes
3F8662EA JPG JPEG Image Yes
67771F5C JS JavaScript Mostly JSON Yes
DD6233D6 HTML Hypertext Markup Language Appears to be HTML5 Yes
EA5118B0 EFFDIR Effects Directory Different to that in SC4 No

EA-Exclusive Formats

EA-Exclusive formats are those that would not exist if they had not been invented by EA or one of their subsidiaries for a product.

Common Formats

Common formats are those that exist independently of products created by Electronic Arts or their subsidiaries.

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