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  • A big project concerning the SC4 Encyclopaedia has begun. Feel free to participate! For more details, let's ask Sciurus or consult the topic on the SC4D forums.
  • The SC4 Encyclopedia has been opened to the public!
  • A few projects have been started, Mayor Diaries have been documented and team pages have been filled out.

See also: The Archives

  • The wiki software has been updated to MediaWiki 1.13, which has allowed us to install some new extensions; the IRC chat extension (Mibbit), and the SubPageList2 extension.
  • The SC4 Encyclopaedia recently entered it's beta testing phase. Teams from SimCity 4 Devotion have been given access to the wiki to help develop it.
  • Custom usergroups have been implemented on the wiki. Check out the User groups page for more information.
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