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The table below is a to-do list, please try and use the same formatting as I have, if in doubt, just copy and paste from one |- to the next |- and then change the content to fit.

Task Details Who When Status
Learn how to use mediawiki Fairly self-explanatory All From now In Progress/Completed (depending on the user :P)
Create categories The categories are probably best set out as we said in the PMs over at SC4D, if you have any additions/changes to make, feel free, we can have a discussion if we don't agree. Adam From 2008-01-15 Completed - Needs verification
Create category overviews I think it would be good if the category pages had a full description of what fits into them and what doesn't, so that contributors can see straight away what we do and don't want ;) All From 2008-01-18 In Progress
Create articles in existing categories We need to write a few articles in various categories. They will be our material to editing, agreeing templates and quality control/confirmation of the content added. All From 2008-01-20 In Progress
Create templates for articles and category overviews This task is crucial to keep our wiki content clear, easy to read and useful for the reader. Look at Wikipedia (there is also an article in the MediaWiki Help section "How to write a great article", but I don't remember where. Kevin After creating the first article Not started
Create the confirmation/quality control system When the first article will be created, I will edit it putting some misleading/unnecessary content. Then we will discuss it (analysing what gives us the "Recent changes" page) and we will agree: how to mark up new changes before confirmation (we can ask editors for it), how should look an unconfirmed and confirmed article, what should do the quality controller. Editor: me. Controller: SA Adam, SA After creating the first article Not started
Learn admin tasks After agreeing the quality control system I will edit one (or more) article again putting into it even more unnecessary, rude and stupid comment. At this moment Fred will be able to learn some admin tasks (remove last changes, use several restrictions against me including a ban (temporary please) and everything else which can be useful in future. Adam, Fred After establishing the quality control system Not started
Create the Help section I will start the Help category today (2008-01-20). I will create two subcategories in it: Moderators Help and Users Help. The first one will be hidden from public after releasing the wiki. It is impossible to learn everything by all of us, and it's a waste of time if everybody looks for everything in the MediaWiki Help. So if any of you learned something (for example Fred knows how to make tables), write a short article about it in the Moderators Help category (a few words, useful links). All From now! In Progress
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