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God Mode is one of the three toolbars available in City View in SimCity 4. It primarily contains tools for modifying the terrain of the city, and the menus it contains change drastically after establishing a city. The menus contained in the God Mode Toolbar are listed below. God Mode can also refer to any actions that would be performed prior to establishing a city.


Terraform Menu

The Terraform Menu contains tools for sculpting terrain, such as creating hills, mountains and valleys. There is a plugin that adds to the number of available tools in this menu. These tools are also all found in SC4Terraformer. This menu also contains tools for planting trees and creating fauna. This menu is only available prior to establishing a city.

Terrain Effects Menu

The Terrain Effects Menu contains four tools for modifying terrain on a city-wide scale. The four tools are: Raise Terrain, Lower Terrain, Erode, and Smooth. These tools are also all found in SC4Terraformer. This menu is only available prior to establishing a city.

Reconcile Edges

The Reconcile Edges button adjusts the elevation of the terrain around the borders of a city tile so that it matches the neighboring tiles. When you click on the reconcile edges button, the affected areas are highlighted in red, and then you can accept or cancel the reconciliation process. Any development under the red highlights is destroyed, and sometimes development along the whole border is affected. There is also a game setting that will have the game prompt you to reconcile edges anytime you enter a city whose border terrain does not match that of its neighbors.

Disasters Menu

The Disasters Menu contains a list of disasters you can start in your city. See disasters for more information.

Control Day and Night Menu

This menu contains three buttons, one that sets to game to permanent daylight, one that sets the game to permanent night, and one that sets the game to alternate between day and night. The day and night alternation cycles do not sync to the game clock or game speed, but move much more slowly.

Obliterate City

This button returns your city to blank terrain, destroying all development in the city. This option is only available after establishing the city.

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