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For the file format used in SimCity and Spore, see PROP (File Format)

Props can be added to lots to add life and detail to the scene as well as to help communicate certain states of the simulation. Props are swapped in and out by the simulator as indicators of crime conditions, pollution, changing wealth types and general activity level. They are not filtered by lot type and any prop can be placed on any lot.

The more props there on a lot the more demands there are on the game when drawing these lots. If you are making lots for a low-end system spec you should be aware of this limitation. Many props appear in the game based on specific criteria. Some props will appear only at certain times of the day or night, for example seasonal trees. Others will only appear during specific simulation conditions. For example, the zombies will only show up at night and crime props will only appear when crime reaches a certain threshold. Keep this in mind when you are looking for props in the game that you may have modified.

List of Prop-Prefixes

Prefix Goal
AC Animated Commercial
ACR Animated Crime
ACV Animated Civic
AI Animated Industrial
APZ Animated Puzzle (Park)
AR Animated Road
ARR Animated RailRoad
ARW Animated Reward
Aper Animated Person
CR Commercial Retail
CSF Commercial Store Front
CU Commercial Unique
Effect Animated Effect
Flora Plantlife
GA Garbage
I Industrial
PZ Puzzle (Park)
LM Landmark
R Residential
RR RailRoad
RW Reward
S Sound tag
Street Street props
UT Utilities
Zot Zot props
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