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Mod - NAM Plugin
Download Here
Download from LEX
General Information
Support For help READ the readme and consult the SAM Developement Thread at SC4D.

SC4Devotion Development thread

Languages English

SAM - Street Addon Mod This is a mod that will enhance your Streets. With this mod you will be receiving 8 extra Street Texture sets complete for all wealth levels.

SAM is a breakthrough technology that uses Starter Piece Technology founded early in 2007 by Memo for Draggable GLR. By expanding the use and exploring new ideas with this technology we have been able to bring many new texture options for the Streets of SC4.

In the latest version new inclusions are:

  • Added T21s to all sets.
  • Fixed LHD
  • Something new from Memo and Diggis.
  • Added Stability and minor fixeshttp://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/images/beximg/SAMv3Preview.JPG