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Lot Stats
Lot Size Varies
Menu Park Menu
Jobs none
Plop Cost §1 - 2
Monthly Cost §0
Bulldoze Cost §1 - 2
Park Effect 0 over 0 tiles
Landmark Effect 0 over 0 tiles
Fire Stage 0
Power Consumed 0 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 0 m3/Month
Air Pollution 0 over 0 tiles
Water Pollution 0 over 0 tiles
Garbage Pollution 0 over 0 tiles
Ploppable Lot
Download Here
Download from STEX
General Information
Credits Pegasus


Support SimPeg
After literally months in development and countless trips back to the drawing board, Pegasus Productions is proud to finally release this Deluxe Edition of the Pond Kit. Although similar in appearance, every lot and model have been rebuilt from the pond bottom up to eliminate the bad and make room for the good.
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