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The Petronas Towers project, which was started in 2004 by kd5rax, is project that has undergone mainly behind the scenes development, by various members of the BSC Team. The original lot and model were released by kd5rax, but Rubik3 continued the modelling and it eventually required 500 hours to be rendered by Colyn. geoffhaw and CJMarshall helped with textures and network enabling respectively. The lot itself was created by Colyn, after rigorous research and design by Grover_G and Daeley did the reward programming.

It was never released because the package was too large (20 Mb). However, BarbyW eventually brought the lot up-to-date using the X-Tool and Diggis BATted a new pond to go with the complex, and it was finally released as an exclusive lot on the LEX DVD.

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