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Lot Stats
Lot Size 3x5
Plop Cost §500
Monthly Cost §50
Bulldoze Cost §100
Park Effect 32 over 16 tiles
Landmark Effect 20 over 12 tiles
Air Pollution
Ploppable Lot
Download Here
Download from LEX
General Information

MAS71 PropPack Vol02 (Parks)

Support SC4D

There are two lots included in this pack:

  1. JPN Sunken Park - Kiddy Park

Japanese some an old, popular play equipment are here.

Children forget time passes and are playing.

  1. JPN Suneke Park - Modern

A lot of people visit seeing beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms "SAKURA"

that bloom all over here in spring.


This is seasonal tree LOT 1x1.

The lots are seasonal.

Nothing is displayed down immediately after having Plopped.

Please advance time.

It will display correct at 1/March & 1/June & 1/September & 1/December.

  • in Spring and Summer ( 1/March to 31/August )

in Spring and Summer  ( 1/March to 31/August )

  • in Fall and Winter ( 1/September to 30/March )


Base texture is transparent. Please plop with other some trees LOTs.

The Trying to make a TREEs again ;D

I'd love to TREEs of SC4 which made by BATers of the world.

I made lot of model of trees many times. But It was a my best work.  :-[

I could not see BATer's back in the world not yet....

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