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RHW v21

Tarkus is a member of the NAM Team and NHP Team, and an Assistant Administrator at SC4 Devotion, best known for his work on the Rural Highway Mod.

He first joined the online SC4 Community on February 24, 2006, starting at Simtropolis, after a lengthy period of time playing "vanilla". His initial foray into custom content was a series of road sign lots, released on the STEX shortly after he joined, which he has since retracted, considering them a product of "youthful inexperience".

After a brief hiatus, he became involved in the Rural Highway project starting in September 2006, going into puzzle piece production. A fateful PM from jplumbley in December led to his initial investigations into RUL 0x10000002, which led to the start of the Network Widening Mod project.

He was invited to join the NAM Team in February 2007. With the departure of RHW project founder qurlix, he took over that project as well, releasing his first full transit mod, RHW Version 13 in April 2007. Tarkus was also responsible for getting the RHW integrated into the NAM with the Version 13b release in June 2007, effectively preventing the RUL conflict issues, like those that had plagued RHW Version 12.

That year, he also began a series of collaborations with dedgren and memo, which resulted in the Road Wide-Radius Curve puzzle pieces released with the June 2007 Network Addon Mod. This collaboration has continued on with the FAR/FARR Project, in progress.

He has continued with the development of the RHW, releasing Version 20 on January 1, 2008, which introduced the Modular Interchange System, and is currently working on its successor, Version 21.

In addition to his modding pursuits, Tarkus also entered the realm of Mayor's Diaries, beginning at first with Argentum in April 2007, which ended after only a couple of updates. However, his second attempt, Tarkusian Cities, proved more successful and is now marked as a Classic at SC4D.


  • Oregon-Style Speed Sign Sets
    • Released April 2006, no longer available
  • Rural Highway Mod
    • Version 13, April 14, 2007
    • Version 13a, April 28, 2007
    • Version 13b, June 1, 2007
    • Version 20, January 1, 2008
    • Version 21, in progress
  • Network Addon Mod
    • June 2007 (Road Wide-Radius Curve Pieces with memo and dedgren)
    • January 2008 Update (EffDir Modding, RHW RUL updates, LHD Paths for Rail Viaducts)
    • April 2008 (RHW RUL updates)
  • Terrain Mods
    • NHP TRK Wasco Terrain Mod (Alpha), May 2008

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