Plugin:BSC MEGA Props DAE Vol 01/table

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Original download Files replaced Notes
DEDWD Factory Unit Props DEDWD_FactoryUnit_props.dat
DEDWD IHT Buildings as Props DEDWD_IHT_Pharmaceuticals_props.dat Note 1.
DEDWD School Set Props DEDWD_SchoolSet_props.dat Note 2.
BSC Bicycle Prop Pack BSC_DAE_Bicycle_props.dat
DEDWD Mega Prop Pack DEDWD_Props_Vol01.dat Note 3.
BSC DAE Forest Lot Prop Pack BSC_DAE_ForestLot_props
BSC DAE Train Prop Pack Vol01 BSC_DAE_TrainProps_Vol01.dat
BSC BRF Train Prop Pack BSC_BRF_TrainProps.dat
BSC Railyard Props Vol1 BSC_Railyard_props_Vol1.dat