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Team Labels


Pat is an American member. He was a BLaM leader and also a member of LBT. He is the Most-Posting member at SC4D and keeps up the SC4D Podcast. Nowadays, he is an ITC member.


Patrick joined the SimCity Community on March 16th 2006 at Simtropolis as Patfirefghtr... Watch this space for more historical information on Pat...

Creations and Works


  • Meranda Cross Files "Tragedie In The Northwood's" Pats first CJ at ST where it was a story atempt where it didnt go over to well and at this time pat was still very new to the world of CJ'ing and SC4 in general... Pat eventual gave up on the CJ and closed..
  • Waterfalls... a MD by Pat Is running active currently at SC4D where Pat is showing off Nature and SC4 how it interacts... He is in the 2nd year now with over 1 thousand replies and is in the classic section... Pat has been in the OSITM section twice since running waterfalls name...
  • GRV II Bordertown by Pat... Pat has joined the fun in this challenge where he will showcase his talents he has learned in the past two years...

LBT Team

The LBT team was formed by Heblem and other members, Pat had joined to help out Heblem with some lotting and modding projects that where coming up... In decemeber of 2008 for the posada festival Pat got to do his only releases for the team before leaving to join ITC...

  • LBT Comfort Inn Suites
  • LBT Best Western Hotel
  • LBT Super 8 Motel
  • LBT Hilton Garden Inn
  • LBT Holiday Inn Express
  • LBT Palermo Uno

NHP Specialty

Pat did a special request to help out on a project for these sets by Blade2k5 and Papab2000.. What was contributed was a graphic design for a base of the map images that where released on the STEX and LEX for a series of Map Paks...

  • Tokyo Pak 2 by blade2k5 and papab2000
  • Tokyo Pak 1 by blade2k5 and papab2000
  • Norther Ireland Pak 1 by blade2k5
  • Ireland Pak 2 by blade2k5 and papab2000
  • Ireland Pak 1 by blade2k5

BLaM Team

The BLaM Team was founded by OP4, SC4 Meister, thatmonkeysim and MightyGoose back in 2006... In May of 2008 Mike passed away and at that time Pat was promoted to BLaM leader... In December of 2008 Pat had made a hard choice to disband BLaM... Before that happend Pat had made several releases on the STEX....

  • BLaM Pats Waterfalls
  • BLaM Airport Parking Lot
  • BLaM Park Flower Garden New
  • BLaM Modern Clock Tower
  • BLaM Abstract Plaza
  • BLaM New Transit Hub for Street
  • BLaM New Transit Hub for RailRoad
  • BLaM Parking Lot Commercial
  • BLaM Parking Lot Stadium
  • BLaM New Art Plaza
  • BLaM Park Place Mall

SC4D Podcast

In November of 2008 Pat launched the first episode of the SC4D Podcast with the slogan of "you know you wanna hear it".. CraigkingofIreland designed the logo that is used... The first guest speaker was Robin aka Rooker1... The first episode was a special annivesary edition of SC4D... Since then it has grown in populartiy where Pat is putting together a team...


  • Map making (Entry Level)
  • Texture creator
    • Modding lots
    • Making lots
  • Creating Readme's for others
  • Assiting others in their projects